Gardening in our lifestyles

Most people today prefer to buy groceries such as vegetables at grocery stores, supermarkets and others. But when we look at this for a moment, in fact from gardening activities in the yard of the house area, it can make our yard more beautiful and organized. In addition, we can also harvest vegetables and fruits that we grow to cook or sell to grocery stores.

But I am sure, that most of us do not have time with jobs, do not have space or gardening facilities, and so on.  Gardening activities in the home area also require costs to cultivate such as seeds, polybags, water, fertilizer, tree pesticides, fungicides and so on. From my experience in gardening in the home area, this activity can actually provide a physically healthy body when we do this gardening activity. The gardening activities that I do are not only on a large scale but can also be harvested for sale at grocery stores. Among the vegetables that are suitable for planting in the home area are the village fire chilli tree, eggplant tree, long bean tree and so on.

Red village fire chili tree
Village fire chili

As you already know, because one of the countries I live in is the country on the Asian continent, namely Malaysia, which is one of the countries below the equator which has a suitable rainfall distribution to carry out planting activities.

Gardening activities can also be a hobby for us during working holidays and so on. This is because, apart from providing physical health, it can also strengthen the relationship between family and children in filling free time. In addition, we can teach and educate our children to appreciate and love the environment from this gardening activity.

Yellow ivory coconut tree
Planting village fire chilli trees

Planting flowers is also one of the hobbies that can be highlighted to decorate the home in the outdoor environment. Among the flowering plants that are suitable to be planted are snake plant, dracaena, zz plant, spider plant and others.

Therefore, gardening is one of the healthy activities and can make us love the environment more.

#make planting activities as one of the signs of loving the environment #love and appreciate the environment #Save our worlds and Go green#

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