5 types of plants (vegetables) that are suitable to be grown in your backyard.

5 types of seeds ( red Chilli, Long Bean, Beans, Round Eggplant, and Cucumber.

Cultivation activities are among the activities that can provide a lively atmosphere in our home environment. It also gives us benefits in providing a source of natural and fresh vegetables, where we can harvest our own produce.

So, the thing I want to share is that today’s activity I have a little mini project related to growing vegetables in the backyard. Among the crops used are crops or seedlings of red chilli seeds, long beans, beans, eggplant, and cucumbers.

Mini projects of 5 Seeds.

The nursery is also small in size and aims to try to diversify other types of crops. In addition, the equipment used is from old used second or other words from recycled items. Among the equipment used are:

1) Polybag (for suitable nurseries are 5 x 6, 8 x 8, 9 x 9, 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 14 x 14, and 15 x 16). Apart from polybags, it is also possible to use a nursery tray.

2) Soil. The soil used for crops is soil from burnt produce and mixed with cow dung manure.

3) Seeds. There are 5 types of seeds I use, namely red chilli seeds, long beans, round eggplant, beans, and cucumbers.

4) Bricks. Among the reasons for using bricks is to be used as a barrier and to separate the seeds sown so that they do not mix.

5) Nets. Fine wire nets are placed on the polybag to keep the nursery seeds from being damaged by animals in the home environment such as chickens, cats, and others.

This sowing activity also takes between a few weeks or a month to see changes such as the germination of roots coming out of the seed. Monitoring and care as well as watering the nursery seeds should be seen from day to day to ensure that the seeds can germinate well.

So, so much for sharing today. If there is a sharing of ideas that you want to share can comment in my post. Thank you and have a nice days.

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