Take care of the garden area to always be in a safe and organized condition.

Grass Cutting Machine

The activity I carry out today is to take care of the garden area which is to clean and mow the grass around the garden area. Every area of ​​the garden that has been checked must ensure that the bush is cut down and the area cleared. This is because, with a good and conducive garden area, it will make it easier for us to carry out planting activities or harvesting farm produce.

Here are 5 advantages in keeping the garden or farm area in an orderly and safe condition:

1) Can ensure the area is safe and crops are protected from disease from any venomous animals and pests such as (snakes, scorpions, centipedes, and others – venomous animals) and (miner caterpillars, caterpillars, butterflies, white flies and others – pests).

2) Able to harvest quality, clean and safe produce to eat or sell to grocery stores. This is because, every clean result stems from the way we care for the farm and our way of making sure each product is safe to eat.

3) Able to maintain and extend the lifespan of each crop we plant. Since we always ensure that the crop is in good condition, then every crop that is taken care of in terms of water consumption, fungicides, fertilizers can give the crop fresher and produce more yield.

4) Can save space and capacity of the plants we plant. When caring for and restructuring crops by arranging each crop in every corner or area of ​​our garden, we can minimize that space by planting in a structured manner.

5) Able to diversify the types of plants in our garden area. Once we have sorted out each crop we have limited, we can plan to add the type of crop we want to do. This can also brighten up the garden area with the crops we plant.

Therefore, good and conducive care to the garden area can provide safe conditions for gardening as well as quality crops and subsequent quality results.

# Crop care and yields to improve the quality of production # Dedicated to the land given good yields # Quality crops and quality produce # Stay safe and keep gardening #

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