Red hot chilli cultivation.

Old Red Hot Chilli (Seeds)

A few conversations between me and my grandfather today:

Me: I have a little plan to sow vegetable seeds and sell them in small quantities. Is it worth it for me to do this? Suppose I only sell saplings to anyone who wants to buy. What is your opinion?

Grandfather: For me, your opinion and ideas are okay. But it takes a long time and proper care to do such a thing. This is because, in any crop it requires cost, observation, and proper care of the crop. We cannot take such things lightly.

Me: That’s right. Because most of the crops we plant take a long time to wait for the tree to grow and can produce fruit.

Grandfather: Yes, that’s right. It is like something that happens in our lives. Sometimes we have to wait and be patient for something to succeed. And something that success also does not come suddenly, and requires effort to get it.

Me: It’s right. I will listen to your advice and do my best for my cultivation.

Grandfather: In that case. What do you say you start this project with a seed of red hot chilli seeds. Later I will give it to you for you to sow the seeds.

Me: Alright. I will try to plant the seed and tell you when it starts to grow.

Grandfather: (After a few minutes he took the seed and gave it to me). This is an old red hot chilli and the seeds can be taken for nursery.

Me: Thank you for the red hot chilli seeds.

Among the tips given to me from my grandfather to plant these seeds are:

1) The seeds that have been dissolved are soaked in salt water for 5 minutes.

2) After that, strain the seeds and place the seeds on a tray.

3) After that, dry in the sun for 30 minutes or 40 minutes for drying.

4) After the seeds are dry. It is ready to be sown.

This is the short conversation between me and my grandfather related knowledge in the activity of planting or nursery red hot chili. My grandfather is an experienced person in the field of agriculture and maybe I need to learn more about agriculture from him.

That’s all for today.

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25 thoughts on “Red hot chilli cultivation.

  1. I really like the way you organized this advice – as a conversation between you and your grandfather. You’re very lucky to have him in your life. It’s good to see someone who is young learning about plants, too. You are in Malaysia, is that correct? I live very, very far from you, in the northwest part of the US, where there is not much sun and the trees grow very big because we have lots of rain. You followed my blog, Bluebrightly, but I don’t know if you looked at it yet. If you do, you will find photos and information about plants that grow here. Not plants to eat, but wild plants. Good luck with your chillis and vegetables – and good luck with your blog, too.

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    1. Thanks bluebrightly πŸ™‚… Yes my grandfather is such of good person.. Yes, I was in Malaysia..
      I sympathize with you also regarding the infertile planting there … Maybe the planting of large trees is more suitable for the logging industry or others right .. But I hope you do not give up And keep trying to do something new about planting .. Bcoz there are many methods in actual planting .. Goodluck and stay safe ..

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      1. Maybe I was not clear. There is no problem growing things here – the trees especially are huge, some of the biggest in the world, and everything grows fast. But it is colder than where you live, of course. We don’t have a lot of sun so I don’t grow vegetables, but I have some flowers that do OK here. You’re right – there are many methods and many different things that can be planted! πŸ™‚

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      2. Yes.. Perhaps climate change also plays a role in the growth of a tree … And goodluck for your flowers planting … In your country there are also many types of flowers that are beautiful and suitable for planting ..

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    1. It’s planting an crops actually its should have 3 basic elements such as:
      And addition the places that suitable to put the crops that not to hot and to cold or under the tree..its because of the crops is sensitive with the direct sunlight and the crops cannot to grow..
      Its may little bit of tips that I can share.. Bcoz I’m also have many things to learn about the planting..
      Good luck and best wishes to you too PeteπŸ™‚

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  2. Your grandfather is a wise man. It is important to realize that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

    My grandmother was a serious gardener – when she was young, planting vegetables and preserving them for winter, but when I lived near her in the last ten years of her life, I helped her manager her large flower garden. She also had a lot of good advice on planting. When I am in my garden, I think about her. She lived to be a hundred years old, and it semed she could get anything to grow!

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