Night View at ‘Shah Alam, Malaysia’

Shah Alam, Malaysia (Night View)

When the day closes the curtain, And the night also comes, we see the moon And the stars, as promising a thousand happiness.

A beautiful night is coming, as if to say, seek happiness to achieve your dreams.

A beautiful life, promising a thousand and one things, despite the various obstacles that come, ready to face it.

#Quotes of the days # Motivation to achieve success # Night Scene from Malaysia # Good Night Wish from me

Credit to : Izzudin Shahril (Instagram) – a.k.a my friends (photographer)

Published by Poh-G_amdan03

Hi and greeting bloggers, im new here as an learner want to grab some experiences on how blogs works. The topic that im may includes is quotes in our lifes.

7 thoughts on “Night View at ‘Shah Alam, Malaysia’

  1. WHat a beautiful picture! I do not know much about Malaysia, but I looked up this city. The population is about three times bigger than the city I work in, and 21 times bigger than the city I live in! I lived my whole lif in large cities like San Diego, California, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Seattle, Washington, but I kind of enjoy the quiet life in Sun Prairie.

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    1. Shah Alam is one of the state capitals in the state of selangor. And there are also some nearby urban areas such as Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and others. In fact, there are many more interesting places in Malaysia. Must be the best and many interesting places in your place. Maybe one day, if there is an opportunity I feel like I want to go abroad to see the scenery and atmosphere there.


      1. Wisconsin historically has beeen farmland, dairy cattle and corn are big here. I work in Madison, the state capitol of Wisconsin. It takes about 20 minutes by car or bus to get from where I live to the capitol. From there, I walk about a mile to work (unless it is extremely cold. Recently we had daytime high temperatures of -16 C! And if the wind is blowing, it might feel like -32C! Next week it will be around 2-4 C, which by now feels warm to us! Wisconsin has low rolling hills, rivers, lakes. I live near a marsh that I like to visit in summer to watch birds, insects and look at wildflowers. In the summer, the weather is often humid and temperatures are usually 25-32 C

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      2. It seems that where you are now experiencing a very severe winter..I hope you will take care of yourself there during the winter now..Must be there a beautiful atmosphere and scenery during the summer ..


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