Green Vegetables of the days – “Brazilian Spinach” (Sisso Spinach)

“Spinach Brazil” (Sissoo Spinach)

As we know, in my country this vegetables is being called as “Bayam Brazil” in Malay Language or the scientific names is “Sisso Spinach” or “Althernantera Sisoo”.

This plant is suitable for planting in some areas that have stable tropical ecosystems. Among them are forests in tropical areas and tropical ecosystems that can help the growth of trees naturally such as ‘El Yunque National Forest’, ‘Nicraguan Rainforest’, ‘Amazon Rainforest’, and others. In addition, in some places or countries that have diversity towards the ecosystems is being divided into two tropics, firstly is ‘Paleotropics’ – the country included is Africa, Asia and Australia. Secondly is ‘Neotropics’ – the country is Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

Furthermore, the cultivation of ‘Brazilian Spinach’ or ‘Sisso Spinach’ is a plant that protects the soil surface from soil erosion. It can also help improve the nutrition of a soil to make the soil more quality. As can be seen from the physical form of ‘Brazilian Spinach’, it is like a flower that blooms in a small condition and has a shiny surface when reflected by the sun, where ‘Brazilian Spinach’ is named as ‘Alternanthera’ which is one of the classes for flowers.

The use of “Brazilian Spinach” in some places is also different. As in Malaysia, the use of “Brazilian Spinach” is more of a daily dish or can be eaten alone as a side dish. In my family, my moms actually like to cook boiled to make “Brazilian Spinach” soup or more wet or dried vegetables. It can also be dipped in flour and fried by making it as a cracker. “Brazilian spinach” also has its own nutrients such as having Vitamin K, increasing bone strength, increasing persons stamina, improving the digestive system and others.

From the point of view of planting “Brazilian Spinach”:

1) Take some “Brazilian Spinach” cuttings that have been cut.

2) Then planted on the surface of the soil that has been loosened.

3) After that, “Brazilian Spinach” is watered daily to maintain moist soil and the growth of “Brazilian Spinach”.

“Brazilian spinach” is also a plant that is easy to care for and a plant that breeds or expands to other branches.

So much for my sharing today, hope it can give us benefits and encouragement to do planting.

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5 thoughts on “Green Vegetables of the days – “Brazilian Spinach” (Sisso Spinach)

  1. Sounds like an interesting green vegetable – does it taste similar to regular spinach? I love all kinds of greens and in the summer I grow spinach, swiss chard, kale, lettuce and anythign else that sounds good. We have at least 12″ deep snow right now, so no planting anything right now!

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    1. It tastes a little chewy when cooked or boiled..usually here my family and I will cook fried or sauteed vegetables. Owh..12 types of spinach..very excited to hear it..But here most of the spinach I saw there are only 2 which is red spinach and white / green spinach only. Maybe when summer comes later you can do replanting activities..Btw Goodluck on your planting ..


      1. Thanks! I usually grow various greens, snow peas (the flat pea pods used in stir fry) green beans, summer and winter squash, eggplant and tomatoes. I am thinking about growing strawberries this year, but with a foot of snow on the ground and more on the way, it will be April before I can plant anything.

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      2. Excited to hear that there can be planted strawberries. If here, strawberry cultivation is mostly in cold upland areas such as in Cameron Highlands. Long time waiting for April to come..Hopefully you can wait until the summer comes and planting again ..


      3. I actually have a few plants that are accidental. I suppose from some strawberry end that ended up in the compost. Last fall, I found a nice little plant that was sending out runners. Of course I may have to fight the squirrels, rabbits and birds for the berries. I also have some dwarf raspberry plants. It was warm today. For Wisconsin in February, that is. It was above freezing. The snow will begin to melt, but we always get snow in mid March, and often even towards the end of April. I will plant seeds inddors in April and put them out as soon as I can, but I will need to cover them if we get a cold snap, or snow.


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