Green Vegetables of the days – “Brazilian Spinach” (Sisso Spinach)

As we know, in my country this vegetables is being called as “Bayam Brazil” in Malay Language or the scientific names is “Sisso Spinach” or “Althernantera Sisoo”. This plant is suitable for planting in some areas that have stable tropical ecosystems. Among them are forests in tropical areas and tropical ecosystems that can help theContinue reading “Green Vegetables of the days – “Brazilian Spinach” (Sisso Spinach)”

Night View at ‘Shah Alam, Malaysia’

When the day closes the curtain, And the night also comes, we see the moon And the stars, as promising a thousand happiness. A beautiful night is coming, as if to say, seek happiness to achieve your dreams. A beautiful life, promising a thousand and one things, despite the various obstacles that come, ready toContinue reading “Night View at ‘Shah Alam, Malaysia’”

Take care of the garden area to always be in a safe and organized condition.

The activity I carry out today is to take care of the garden area which is to clean and mow the grass around the garden area. Every area of ​​the garden that has been checked must ensure that the bush is cut down and the area cleared. This is because, with a good and conduciveContinue reading “Take care of the garden area to always be in a safe and organized condition.”

5 types of plants (vegetables) that are suitable to be grown in your backyard.

Cultivation activities are among the activities that can provide a lively atmosphere in our home environment. It also gives us benefits in providing a source of natural and fresh vegetables, where we can harvest our own produce. So, the thing I want to share is that today’s activity I have a little mini project relatedContinue reading “5 types of plants (vegetables) that are suitable to be grown in your backyard.”

Gardening in our lifestyles

Most people today prefer to buy groceries such as vegetables at grocery stores, supermarkets and others. But when we look at this for a moment, in fact from gardening activities in the yard of the house area, it can make our yard more beautiful and organized. In addition, we can also harvest vegetables and fruitsContinue reading “Gardening in our lifestyles”

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